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Where is This Blog Going?

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Just a quick thought about my upkeep of my digital presence: I follow and even post to a number of social media venues (Facebook, Twitter, even Google+ and LinkedIn a little), and I bookmark interesting sites and links to my account so I'll have them for later. My reading lists go to Shelfari (which I keep linked to this blog) and GoodReads; truth be told, I'd use GoodReads exclusively if I could sync it with this site. So I am doing a number of things that I set up this blog to do (several years ago) in other forums that are more suitable for the purpose. At present, I don't have a great deal of time to write legitimate blog entries, what with the near-constant grading and teaching going on. So I find I'm not posting here that often these days. As I face a number of serious career decisions in the upcoming months, I may find better use for this space. For the moment, though, it will probably remain fairly dormant. As I get a chance to get my brain around how I want to reshape my digital identity, the blog may find a prominent place in it. I think it's useful to have a place to write longer entries such as this rambling one and not worry about clogging up other folks' newsfeeds unless they specifically want to follow such posts. 

In development: a discussion of how I am reshaping my digital workflow, or (rather) how I am using digital technology to help manage my overall workflow better. I've been playing a with a number of tools in this regard, and when I acquire some new school-provided hardware in the form of an iPad, I may have more new tools to discuss.

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