The Power of Mindmapping Software

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I am in the midst of planning my course curricula and some presentations for the faculty at my school, and I am becoming re-enamored with a piece of software I began using some years ago, but whose latest version I am just now seeing. The application is called NovaMind, and it is a simple visual editor of branched mindmaps. The interface is fast and intuitive, so getting inchoate thoughts onto the screen for visualization is incredibly easy. I haven't played much with the bells and whistles, but you can insert images, change font styles, and modify node shapes in addition to moving the branches of the mindmap to organize content through spatial orientation and other visual cues.

Back in the day, the software was Mac OS only, but now there is a robust Windows version as well. I am also trying it out with software called Merlin, which interacts with NovaMind in potentially powerful ways. Merlin is a project management application, complete with the requisite Gantt charts and budget tables, and as such it seems on par with the many other such applications out there already. The keys for me are that Merlin exports files that can be opened and modified in NovaMind's editor, and imports NovaMind files via drag-and-drop into a basic project table. I made a quick mindmap of my course planning tasks, for instance, and within ten minutes had a project timeline for all the major tasks, including expected time to completion and contingent start dates, that I jotted in my mindmap. This kind of interactivity might change my mind completely about project management software, which has been completely boring to me ever since I played with MacProject on my first Macintosh 512K in the late 80s. That's something.

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