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Summer reading list

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I have a bunch of reading to do this summer, and I am playing with some community-building software applications to both manage and share my lists. At the right I have installed a widget for Shelfari, which allows quick and easy updating of reading lists using a bookshelf metaphor. The widget here is presented in text format, but the Shelfari site is visually pretty interesting. There's apparently a Facebook widget as well, but it doesn't seem to be working quite right today. I'll try to add it to my profile there soon. In the meantime, a partial shelf is here, in case anyone wants to know what's on my reading plate this summer.

Already out of date

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This is my first non-test entry on this blog. I'm still figuring out what I should do with the blog in general. But in the meantime, I should report that the subheader of the blog is inaccurate: next year I will be an independent-school English and economics teacher. I will be spending some of my vacation weeks this summer getting reacquainted with my college economics courses and my Wall Street money-and-banking materials. I have thanks to offer to my old bridge partner Ed Glaeser for helping me identify some appropriate textbooks and resources for the course. Should be interesting reading, especially in today's US economy.

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